There’s a Sensory Deprivation Spa called ‘Float Club’ in Queens

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There’s a Sensory Deprivation Spa called ‘Float Club’ in Queens

What’s the exact opposite of the sensory overload of NYC? How about a meditative “float” in a sensory deprivation tank? One Wellness Center is offering just that. Here are all the details.

Sacred Waters (5-35 51st Ave) in Long Island City is home to the only sensory deprivation spa in Queens. “Float Club” features a custom-designed room with an 8-by-4-foot tub where customers float nude in a buoyant salt water. It has proved to be so popular that Members of Float Club now get discounts and special events.

The salt water, an Epsom salt solution, is brought up to skin temperature for complete emersion, as you float in the darkness you can control the lights and music in the room… and of course, turn them off so you can feel like you’re floating in deep outer space.

Why would a person float in a silent, pitch black, tank? The experience is designed to combat stress and facilitate a meditative state, a complete lack of distraction help patrons achieve a state of total relaxation. “Float Club” members get money off the $125 price tag for an individual float, paying just $90 per session, which they retain as long as they float at least once a month.

Imagine an hour away from the honking horns, screaming kids, neon lights… just floating in a sea of your own deep relaxation.  That’s what’s on the menu for Queens’ first Sensory Deprivation Spa.

Click HERE for more information about Sacred Waters and their “Float Club.”

Featured image source [levels.io|float-tank]

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