There’s a Real Snake on The L Train and it’s Coiled Around The Handrail

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There’s a Real Snake on The L Train and it’s Coiled Around The Handrail

A guy brings a snake on the L-Train and lets it coil itself around the handrail… Well, I guess I’ll be swimming to Brooklyn from now on. This is the king of “NOPE” videos. 

You’ve got to love that New York City subway wildlife: pizza loving rats, ducks on leashes, dogs in bags. It has been at relatively petting-zoo levels of NOPE …until now.

Just a typical night on the L… from nyc

Somone call Samuel L. Jackson, I’m sick of these Mother f***ing Snakes on the Mother f***ing train. No, it’s not a sequel to “Snakes on a Plane” (although I’m sure there’s a Hollywood executive having that conversation right now.) Just when you thought the L-train couldn’t be any more of a nightmare, some dude comes on with a ball python and lets it wrap itself around the handrail.

Welcome to New York, we put our dogs in bags, but our scaly-murder-scarves can just slither around unattended.

The Reddit poster, MayoMouth,  explained further in the comments… you know, in case you weren’t creeped out enough.

He and another guy who was with him were passing it around the car and while they weren’t charging people, they would ask for donations when someone asked to hold it.

Am I the only person who’s thinking I’d pay for them to keep the damn Sanke away from me? They are taking the snakes-on-a-train thing totally wrong, they could pivot this idea into a genius protection racket.

THEM: “Hissy McPoisonKnickers (the snake’s name …in my mind) want’s a hug… I could convince him otherwise for, let’s say, $20.”


So, now people are bringing pythons on a train …flash forward a few months to see me writing “Guy brings Bengal Tiger on G-Train.” To think, I complained about a duck on a leash.

I’m thinking it’s probably time to update that “Subway Etiquette” post from a few years ago to include NOT BRINGING SNAKES ON THE TRAIN!

Featured image source [Reddit]

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