There’s a New Food Hall Coming to Washington Heights

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There’s a New Food Hall Coming to Washington Heights

A new food hall will join Canal Street Market, Gotham Market, and DeKalb Market Hall, in food halls that have opened in 2017. It might just be the best yet!

The building is underway for Washington Heights’ new, 6,000 square foot, North End Food Hall. The hall promises to be uptown’s largest food and beer hall when it opens to the public in early 2018.

The new food and drink destination and neighborhood meeting point will offer a hip communal space to eat, work, and relax. The space has been designed by NADA, a Harlem-based architecture firm, that has renderings of their design for the hall on their website. North End will provide a curated selection of locally sourced, sustainable, and fair-trade goods and fare.

The current resident of the 1000 square-foot space at 4300 Broadway at 183rd Street is Filtered, a pop-up coffee shop that has been in residence there since December. For fans of the Filtered’s fare, they also have locations in Hamilton Heights and the South Bronx and are likely to be one of the many tenants in Northend when it opens.

What else will be on the menu at North End? We can expect craft beer, tacos, burgers, and barbecue.

There seems to be an explosion of food halls opening around the city. It seems like 2018 will welcome somewhat of a battle of the cities many communal food areas, this survival of the fittest may see some great deals on eats for we New Yorkers. For information on that, and on North End Food Hall, stay tuned.
Featured image source [North End Food Hall]

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