There’s A Pokémon-Inspired Pop-Up Bar Coming To Williamsburg

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

There’s A Pokémon-Inspired Pop-Up Bar Coming To Williamsburg

Ever wanted to catch a Charmander or a Jigglypuff? This is your chance!

The themed bar coming to New York City, Poke Bar, is a nod to the popular 90’s Nintendo game that has recently resurfaced for nostalgic millennials (and the younger generation of gamers) and tickets have already gone on sale. Poke Bar will feature a game component similar to the one played back in the day on a Game Boy where people will have to hunt, catch, and battle their characters IRL. The games will be split into seven regions with two hour sessions. Those who complete all seven will be the ultimate winner!

Division winners will receive an awesome prize, as will the best dressed for costume. Poke Bar will be making its way to Brooklyn this winter with nostalgia-filled treats including custom themed food and cocktails, and a DJ playing music throughout the sessions.

Tickets for Sunday, December 1st, are already on sale here, so be sure to snag them soon! The ticket includes one Poké-themed burger, cocktail, and the opportunity to win plenty of prizes.

Where: Radegast Hall & Biergarten – 113 North 3rd Street

When: Sunday, Dec. 1 (times vary)

Tickets: $65, grab them here. (all taxes and fees are included in the price)

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