Giant Hospital Ship ‘USNS Comfort’ Docks In New York Harbor Today

It will treat 1,000 non-coronavirus patients

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Giant Hospital Ship ‘USNS Comfort’ Docks In New York Harbor Today

Earlier this month, Governor Cuomo announced that the federal government would be sending in a giant hospital boat to help patients.

Well, now the day is finally here. The US Navy hospital ship, called the “USNS Comfort,” is making its way to dock in New York Harbor today as we write, March 30. It is said to have about 1,000 hospital beds on it, to help overflow for overwhelmed NYC hospitals, and will likely be docked by 11am.

The ship was built in 1976 and was in New York harbor once before, right after 9/11, according to NBC News. They also report it will be fully operational to patients within 24 hours.

Along with 1,000 beds, it is equipped with 12 operating rooms, a medical laboratory and more than 1,000 Navy officers according to The New York Times. Though it will not be treating coronavirus patients, it will help lessen the burden of NYC hospitals overcome with patients.

This is in addition to the temporary hospitals in the Javits Center, and ones that will hopefully be constructed soon in the rest of the boroughs. Adding hospital capacity is key for managing the virus, as projections show our healthcare system will become completely overwhelmed in the coming weeks.

featured image source: Twitter / @NYGovCuomo

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