Inside THE WELL: NYC’s Newest Wellness Club Opening This Summer


Inside THE WELL: NYC’s Newest Wellness Club Opening This Summer
Looking for a new spa in the heart of NYC? THE WELL is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before, with a mission to take wellness to a whole new level. Here’s what you can expect:

The Well is going to be a premium membership-based wellness club that combines the principles of Western medicine with Eastern healing, through customised plans for each individual on the basis of their goals and what they hope to achieve at the club. This summer you’re invited to step into a new type of heaven in the concrete jungle, where you can enjoy various services ranging from a spa, yoga/mediation studios, reflexology lounge and more. The main focus here is: you & your health, which means each member gets their own personalised plan.

THE WELL is a space that’s architecturally “elegant and uncluttered” in order to create a warm, comfortable ambience. For more info on the types of spaces/services, click here.


Their main focus on health is targeted through a holistic approach, bringing in the best of the best within wellness, to use their expertise and collaborate on unique plans for members. These holistic practices range from functional medicine to Chinese medicine to sports medicine and more.

Of course there’s a healthy restaurant with fresh seasonal dishes, cocktails and a juice/coffee station.

Summer can’t come soon enough!


Address: 2 East 15th Street

featured image: instagram.com/thewell

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