What You Need To Know About “The Value Of Good Design” At MoMA


What You Need To Know About “The Value Of Good Design” At MoMA
For the design enthusiasts out there, MoMA’s The Value of Good Design exhibition, is the perfect place to explore and ponder the question “what good design is and how it can enhance everyday life?”

Look, interior design isn’t for everyone, some could care less about arranging a space, furniture and everything else that goes into it, but others, particularly those that work in the industry find the whole topic extremely interesting. The Value of Good Design focuses on MoMA’s Good Design initiatives between the 1930s to 1950s, a period that sparked the notion that products could be well-designed and affordable at the same time. A quick jump back in time to the post World War II era, in which these types of products were being manufactured around the world, including iconic pieces that have remained timeless such as the Eames La Chaise and Chemex Coffee Maker.

The Value of Good Design most importantly aims to investigate whether the design of historical pieces can still remain attractive in the modern day, to a 21st-century audience. Hence, due to design being subjective, the exhibition has been made interactive, so that visitors can join in on the discussion by testing the “good design” classics on display (like the Eames prototype below) versus newly developed replicas (some produced by MoMA), in order to come to their own personal conclusions.


Buy your tickets here, the exhibition runs through June 15th.

Check out their video below for a little more insight:

featured image: instagram.com/robsummer