Check Out Seaport District’s Latest Immersive Installation


Check Out Seaport District’s Latest Immersive Installation
If you’re sick of the same tired old museum routine with high entry fees and strict rules (no touching, getting close, etc), then you have to check out the recently opened installation on Pier 17.

The Nautilus comes from a joint collaboration between the Lincoln, Atlantic Re:think and NYC based design studio SOFTlab. Its main purpose is to inspire engagement from the public, as the actions from individual interactions will be unique from each other. Unlike other exhibitions, the Nautilus acts as the backdrop whilst the role of observers is placed at the forefront. Ok, so now that you’ve heard a little bit about this original piece of art, we can get into the design specifics.

Consisting of 95 “smart” poles which use sensory activated technology to respond to each person’s touch, each pole has its own single-note melody (consisting of an 8-note scale in total) and visual display. It’s kind of like a piano, except with poles and multi-colored lights.

New York City is no stranger to free, open-access art for all, which is why the Nautilus fits right in at the historic Seaport District. The installation will available for all to see until September 10th, after which it will be moved to its official home at the Lincoln Headquarters in Detroit.


P.S. you can also catch views of the light display from the Brooklyn Waterfront.

For more information, watch the video below:

featured image: instagram.com/seaportdistrict.nyc

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