The most extravagant Airbnb to rent in NYC (and the crappiest)

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

AirBNB Midtown living room

It’s no secret that rents in New York City are through the roof. But rather than examine the sensible places, we thought we’d take a look at the most ludicrously expensive and the real budget stays. Full disclosure, these two picks are not necessarily the most expensive or cheapest on Airbnb and we looked at long-term rentals where discounts may apply. And the winner is…


This Midtown West modern two-bedroom apartment

AirBNB Midtown living room
Right in the heart of Manhattan, this place boasts everything you’d expect for an apartment that costs $14,574 (or $561 a night) a month plus a frickin’ sky deck and fitness center.

AirBNB Midtown kitchen
Could you imagine having your morning coffee with a view like that laid out in front of you? Or waking up to it…

AirBNB Midtown bedroom
Well “imagine” is about as much as we assume you can do. Unless you’re one of the 192 people who left a positive review for this bank-busting pad (who are these people?). Thought not. Maybe this next one is a little more your speed…

John Travolta wallet
Now, before we began researching this article, we expected to find some real dives. Tiny rooms, filthy-looking bathrooms, creepy landlords… And find them we did! But for us, there’s a clear winner for the crappiest Airbnb available in NYC. It’s so spectacularly bad, we almost feel like renting it just to check it’s real. Almost…


Dental office waiting sofa in Brooklyn


AirBNB rent dentist sofa NYC
That’s right! For just $807 a month (or $35 a night), you could share a dentist’s sofa with up to six other girls (and according to the write up: girls who “really need a place to stay”. You know, just to make the whole thing read a little more like the back of a slasher movie DVD box).

Leo what the fuck
Fair question, Leo. It all seems too good to be true, right? But no, this unique opportunity is genuinely situated in a dental surgery, which requires that you vacate your sofa spot before 9AM (for real).

AirBNB rent dentist sofa outside
And just when you thought it was just prime real estate on this comfy-looking sofa you got with this incredible deal…

AirBNB rent dentist sofa bathroom
Yep. A four-poster bath! Complete with creepy statue which definitely does not have a camera hidden inside. Er… I think we’ll keep looking.


Featured cover image: Airbnb

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