The Lion King Remake Is Finally (Almost) Here And Tickets Are Selling Fast


The Lion King Remake Is Finally (Almost) Here And Tickets Are Selling Fast
The highly anticipated Lion King Remake is coming to the big screens this week and saying people are excited would be an understatement.

Summer is the absolute best time for new movie releases, specifically another Disney remake of a classic and cherished film like, the Lion King. With about two days left until the grand arrival, tickets are already selling like wildfire amongst an eager audience of all ages. Get in on the excitement and grab your cinema ticket now.

Enough time has passed that it’s safe to assume everyone knows how the tale goes, right?Young lion cub Simba loses his father, King Mufasa, after he was murdered by his own brother, Scar. After a series of tragic events that follow the death, Simba is ultimately exiled from Pride Rock and left to fend for himself. He befriends two new friends and they help him take back what’s always been his birthright, the throne. The release date is July 17th at all AMC cinemas across NYC and we’ve got some tickets lined up just for you.

The star-studded cast includes, Donald Glover (Simba), Beyonce (Nala), Seth Rogan (Pumbaa), Billy Eichner (Timon), John Oliver (Zazu) and James Earl Jones returning as the voice of Mufasa. The running time comes close to around 2 hours, so make sure to bring lots of snacks and buckle in for a wholesome watch filled with plenty of sing-a-longs!

We all know going to the cinema nowadays is quite pricey, but with a Fever deal at $10.99 per ticket, you won’t be able to pass it up! FYI – these tickets apply to any of the movie screenings currently showing and do not guarantee a seat for Lion King in particular.

Get your tickets to The Lion King now!

featured image: instagram.com/sethrogan

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