The Five Best Falafel Places In NYC

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The Five Best Falafel Places In NYC

When it comes to classic New York food, people think of pizza, bagels, and Reuben sandwiches, but falafel is also a pretty big deal in New York. This middle-eastern food has taken up a comfortable residence in our metropolis, and it’s a lunch favorite for hungry city-goers. If you’re a falafel freak, here are the five places in NYC that you need to go:


5. Taim

Taim is a grand franchise in NYC. Its creator, Einat Admony, has written several cookbooks, and seems to know the secret to making falafel simple, yet innovative, and, of course, delicious. Taim serves three flavors of falafel: the traditional green, the smoky harissa, and the sweet red.


4. Mamoun’s

The falafel at Mamoun’s lives up to the hype. They claim to be the first ever falafel joint in NYC (opened in 1971), and since then they haven’t changed much. But their simple recipe is executed perfectly.


3. Kabab Cafe

[Chris Goldberg/Flickr]
[Chris Goldberg/Flickr]
Eating dinner at kabab cafe feels like you’re right at home. The chef will personally make some suggestions of what you should order before preparing a delicious, flavorful platter, or a hearty, filling sandwich.


2. King of Falafel & Shawarma

kind of falafel
The Palestinian falafel at this joint is a little different than typical falafel. It’s log-shaped and grease-free, so you almost forget that it’s been fried. But it still has the perfect amount of crunch on the outside, and a perfectly soft center.


1. Azuri Cafe

[Serious Eats]
The falafel sandwiches at Azuri Cafe are packed to the gills with pickles, veggies, sauces, and, of course, the best falafel patties in the city. Eating one of these sandwiches is a truly divine experience.


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