Beat The Clock And Make Your Way Out Of NYC’s Most Epic Escape Room In-Store Or From Home

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Beat The Clock And Make Your Way Out Of NYC’s Most Epic Escape Room In-Store Or From Home

Race against the clock to complete your mission!

Experience epic stories come to life with The Escape Game, America’s premier provider of escape rooms, bringing the ultimate adventure to thrill-seekers everywhere!

Grab all your friends to form your team and get ready for an amusing, hands-on experience that will put all your critical thinking skills to the test.

Start your mission by choosing from exciting themes like a mysterious art heist, 1950s prison break, or a journey deep into space.

With 60 minutes to complete your mission, everyone must work together (collaboration is key!) to solve mind-boggling puzzles and uncover hidden clues along the way. 

Progress through your chosen adventure and become the hero of the story as you overcome challenges to beat the clock.

And the best news? All of the entertainment is accessible to anyone from anywhere because The Escape Game has uniquely designed their experiences for in-store and at-home!

For in-person games, head to their Midtown location. After checking in, you’ll meet your Game Guide who will help you throughout your mission and tell you everything you need to know before stepping into your adventure.

Thanks to prop experts, dedicated designers, robotics engineers, & scenic artists, the immersive environments are all built from scratch at their Adventure Factory in Nashville, TN and will come to life right before your eyes.

You’ll be sure to encounter tons of curveballs and discoveries as you interact with props and objects that will keep you on your toes until the final countdown!

For those wanting to play with friends and family that live afar—or those who simply rather not leave the house—try one of The Escape Game’s at-home experiences that are just as electrifying. 

Embark on your mission via zoom through remote adventures that let you play the real in-store escape rooms online! Remote games are hosted by The Escape Game’s Guides through a live video feed, for all the fun in real-time. Manage each of your clues and items using your online dashboard and let the Guide be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet.

Expertly designed for families, friends, couples, or corporate groups, The Escape Game provides the perfect plan for an addictively fun experience that will keep everyone engaged until the very last minute!

Whatever your age or skill level, The Escape Game is sure to make everlasting memories for you and all your teammates.

Start your adventure now and book a visit today!

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