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Elepop Is The New Immersive Pop-Up Striving For Elephant Protection


Elepop Is The New Immersive Pop-Up Striving For Elephant Protection
New York City & pop-Ups are two phrases that you hear about all the time… it seems like there’s always some crazy weird pop-up that just opened up somewhere and naturally, we’re always right here to inform you of the latest.

The Elepop sounds pretty much exactly like what you would expect, except with one big difference that sets it apart from the standard in the city. Inside you’ll find 12 exhibits to explore, 2 digital interactive rooms, colourful installations (duh…) and most importantly, an educational experience. You might be wondering what exactly this instagram-friendly pop-up has to offer other than the usual aesthetics you’ve become accustomed to, and the answer is although you’ll have a fun time immersed in the spring, pastel colored surroundings, you’ll also be contributing to various elephant protection initiatives.


The idea behind Elepop isn’t to just put on a random shrine for the cute creatures, but rather to inspire visitors to become ambassadors for elephant protection, through an act as simple as sharing their experience on social media. It might seem like a minuscule effort, but in this social media driven age, you’d be surprised by how many people you can reach with your message about wildlife conservation. Upon its opening in two weeks, get ready to bask in the pretty colors, snap lots of pics and leave knowing that you helped in an important cause.

Dates: April 27th – July 25th

Address: 321 Canal St

Times: Sun-Th (1030am-730pm), F-Sat (1030am-830pm).

Tickets: Early bird $19.9, GA $25

featured image: instagram.com/elepopnyc