New Dinosaur Safari Coming To The Bronx Zoo

Ready to learn about some dinos?


New Dinosaur Safari Coming To The Bronx Zoo
Jurassic Park fans out there… you now have the possibility of travelling back in time and seeing what life among dinosaurs was really like. The Bronx Zoo just announced their brand new safari experience opening in April.

Whether you’re looking for an activity for the whole family to enjoy or you just love the zoo/dinosaurs, the Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo will be open for the whole public to enjoy in just over a month. Step inside a shuttle bus and you’ll be transported around an outdoor area that’s surrounded by massive animatronic dinosaurs, the whole attraction is promised to be the biggest and most realistic dinosaur ride in the country.

The zoo collaborated with a palaeontologist from the Museum of Natural History to make the experience as authentic as possible… he also worked on the first Jurassic Park so you know it’s legit!

The kids also have their own little play area where they can dig up fossils and can discover other dino activities around the zoo. Although we still have a while to wait, April can’t come soon enough!

When: April 19th – November 3rd

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