The Best NYC Off-Broadway Theater For $20 Or Less

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The Best NYC Off-Broadway Theater For $20 Or Less


NYC is the place for amazing theater. But if you’re on a budget, you probably can’t afford Broadway, until your birthday comes around and your parents might be feeling generous. So in the meantime, here are 5 fantastic off-Broadway shows for $20 or less:


1. The Accidental Pervert

NYC off-broadway theater
[New York City Theater]
This hilarious play is about an 11-year-old boy who happens upon his father’s stash of pornography. Tickets normally go for $49, but if you download the Fever app, you can get a ticket for only $20 on Friday or Saturday. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a critically acclaimed show.


2. Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead

NYC off-broadway theater
[Cylla Von Tiedemann/Post City]
This absurdist classic by Tom Stoppard is a must-see for any Shakespeare fan. You can see it for only $20 at the Gene Frankel Theatre during the month of November.


3. Magdalen

NYC off-broadway theater
This one-woman show at SoHo Playhouse tells the stories of ostracized women in 20th century Ireland—unwed mothers, orphans, disabled women and prostitutes. It’s a powerful story of history and heartache. Only $11.


4. More Mutable Than You

NYC off-broadway theater
[Gibney Dance]
This dance performance creates a world that juxtaposes images of the conqueror, the valiant, and the superhero with notions of failure, the victimized, and the fallen. The show normally costs $20, but on Fever you can buy a ticket for only $15.


5. Ten For The Price Of One

NYC off-broadway theater
[Carry Nissan/Dramatists Guild]
This play is part of politiKos, a new political theater festival running the first weekend of November at the Kraine Theater. Ten For The Price Of One was written by 10 award-winning playwrights, and it combines drama, comedy, satire, poetry and song into political commentary. Tickets can be purchased on Y-Plan for only $15.


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