The 10 Best Places For French Fries In New York City

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

The 10 Best Places For French Fries In New York City
Bring on the carbs! There’s no more delicious snack than some perfectly-salted and crispy french fries.

They aren’t just plate fillers that come with your burger, fries can be a whole meal, especially if they’re done right! The right chef can elevate the french fry into whole masterpiece creation in and of itself. Here are several restaurants in the city that you’ll have to check out if you love a good fry.

Brindle Room

Where: 277 East 10th Street

brindle room
Facebook/Brindle Room

What: The Duck Confit Poutine at The Brindle Room is without a doubt the most decadent plate of fries you will ever eat. Brindle Room only makes this dish occasionally, so you have to follow them on Twitter to figure out when to go. And arrive early, because it gets gobbled up fast! Their daily fries are also very tasty though, and they’re easier to come by.


Where: 95 Avenue A

yucca fries
Instagram / @nycveganeats

What: The yucca fries here are amazing, and the pink sauce it comes with is so good you’ll want to get a second to dip everything else into it, too!

Flex Mussels

Where: 154 West 13th Street

flex mussels
Facebook / Flex Mussels

What: If you plan to get fries on the side of your mussels, we recommend getting the plain hand-cut ones so they’re perfect for dipping into the leftover sauce! If you’re looking for something savory on its own, the parmesan truffle fries are amazing, too.

King Noodle

Where: 1045 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

Instagram / @ thirdculturefood
Instagram / @thirdculturefood

What: The chili cheese fries at King Noodle are like no chili cheese fries you’ve ever had before: maple tofu, Szechuan peppercorns, scallions and American cheese. You may need a fork!

Mile End

Where: 97 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

Instagram / @mileenddeli
Instagram / @mileenddeli

What: This may be the best food Canada has ever given us. Mile End’s smoked meat poutine is composed of fries,  cheese curds, rich gravy, and of course smoked meat. This dish is definitely made for sharing.

Mother’s Ruin

Where: 18 Spring Street

mothers ruin
Facebook / Mother’s Ruin

What: The waffle fries at Mother’s Ruin are perfectly seasoned and crispy, and the basket of fries can easily be shared.

Pomme Frites

Where: 128 MacDougal Street

pomme frites
Facebook / Pomme Frites

What: For a restaurant dedicated to french fries, you can get anything here and it’s going to be good because their fries alone are delicious.


Where: 157 Avenue C

Instagram / @royalebar
Instagram / @royalebar

What: Get hand-cut plain and truffle fries in stadium-style baskets at the Royale. We recommend the truffle fries, but you can add cheese or chili to the plains ones, too.

The Breslin

Where: 16 West 29th Street

the breslin
Facebook / The Breslin Bar & Dining Room

What: These fries need no introduction. They’re already well-known for being thrice-cooked—the potatoes are boiled first and then the actual fries are fried twice. Definitely a must-try if you’re a crispy fry lover.

Third Floor

Where: 315 5th Avenue

third floor
Yelp/Hope T.

What: These thin fries may are crispy and delicious. They may not be the golden brown you’re used to but looks can be deceiving! The truffle fries are a must.

[featured image source: Yelp / Akua A.]

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