Keep An Eye Out: The Bat-Signal Will Shine Over NYC This Weekend

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Keep An Eye Out: The Bat-Signal Will Shine Over NYC This Weekend
This year, Batman is celebrating 80 years as a DC comic…and tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 21) is Batman Day!

In honor of the big day and major milestone, the iconic bat-signal will light up the NYC sky this Saturday night. Gotham will shine bright under Batman’s call, and this time it’ll be for real.

According to the DC announcement, “the glow of the distinctive Bat silhouette will illuminate the edifices of skyscrapers and landmarks around the world in rolling fashion as the sun sets in each city. And just like a solar eclipse, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime event!”

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention the bat-signal will be lighting up skies across the world tomorrow in nine other cities—but everyone knows there’s only one true Gotham!

People in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London, São Paulo, Montreal, Mexico City, and Los Angeles will also be able to look up and know they’re safe under Batman’s watch. (Or at least pretend?)

The signal will go out at 8 p.m. on Saturday against the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn and will stay lit until midnight.

featured image source: DC Comics

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