8 Of The Tastiest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in NYC

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Grilled cheese is no longer just for picky eight year-olds. It’s an everyman food. It’s hangover food. It can be gourmet food. You can customize it any way you want at home, or you can sample it around the city. Here’s where to go for the eight most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches in New York:
1.  Clinton Hall

donut grilled cheese

The Doughnut Grilled Cheese sandwich from Clinton Hall is to die for. The bacon habanero doughnut is accompanied by a creamy tomato soup and the cheese just drips off this crazy concoction in the most mouth watering of ways! You can get ticket for a sandwich, soup and beer deal here.

Address: 90 Washington Street

2. Melt Shop

[Open House]
[Open House]
Melt Shop makes a delicious maple bacon grilled cheese, and serves a few other eclectic options for you to expand your palate.

Address: Various locations; Midtown West, Hell’s Kitchen

3.  Beecher’s


This place is special because they actually make their own cheese! All their sandwiches use their Flagship cheese, a 15-month aged cow’s milk cheese with a strong, nutty flavor.

Address: 900 Broadway

4.  Dépanneur

[MacKenzie Smith/Thrillist]

You might want to wait until the weekend to try their grilled cheese known as “The Hangover Cure.” This masterpiece has sharp white cheddar, egg, avocado and Sriracha sauce.

Address: 242 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

5. Harlem Public


Their Loaded Grilled Cheese is made with multiple cheeses, bacon, guacamole and Doritos. Loaded indeed!

Address: 3612 Broadway

6. The Commodore

[MacKenzie Smith/Thrillist]

The recipe for the Adult Cheese sandwich is a mystery, which only makes you want to try it more. It’s a delicious combination of creamy, spicy and tomato-y.

Address: 366 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

7. Morris Truck

[Morris Truck]
[Morris Truck]
There are plenty of grilled cheese options at the Morris Truck, and you can’t go wrong with any of them, but our personal favorite is the BBQ chicken, with cheddar, chicken sausage, pickled onions, and peach bourbon barbecue sauce.

Address:  569 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn

8. Murray’s Cheese Bar

[Allison H.]
[Allison H.]
Murray’s has so many cheeses it’s overwhelming, and their sandwiches are to-die-for. You can get a scrumptious breakfast sandwich, or a lunchtime classic—grilled cheese with a bowl of tomato soup.

Address: 264 Bleecker Street