Buzz Buzz Buzz! Our Picks For The 7 Best NYC Coffee Shops

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Buzz Buzz Buzz! Our Picks For The 7 Best NYC Coffee Shops


Today is National Coffee Day! And every New Yorker can get on board with that. To celebrate, we put together our list of the best NYC coffee shops. Stop by one of these today:


7. Stumptown Coffee

Best NYC coffee shops
[Liz Clayton/Thrillist]
Stumptown gets significant points for the gorgeous atmosphere, but their coffee stands on its own. Their cold brewed coffee is so rich, you think you’re about to take a sip of a Guinness.


6. La Colombe

Best NYC Coffee
[La Colombe Torrefaction]
Each brew from La Colombe is a work of art. There are dark, medium and light coffees, with chocolate, vanilla, black pepper, fruit and nut flavors. You can try a different one every time.


5. Cafe Grumpy

Best NYC Coffee
[Cafe Grumpy]
Cafe Grumpy’s mantra is “Let the coffee speak for itself.” They personally source their coffee from farmers in Central America, as well as Colombia and Ethiopia.


4. Abraço

It’s quite literally a hole in the wall, but what Abraço lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up for in taste. The coffee and the baked goods are to die for.


3. Ninth Street Espresso

This indie shop is fighting the corporatization of the East Village. It’s remarkably cheap and remarkably tasty—no gimmicky syrup or caramel needed.


2. Third Rail

Best NYC coffee
[Third Rail Coffee]
Not only is their coffee delicious, Third Rail encourages you to actually talk to each other. No wifi, center-oriented benches, and an incredibly friendly staff. Isn’t that what a coffee shop is all about? You might meet your soulmate here.


1. Culture Espresso

[Culture Espresso]
[Culture Espresso]
Culture Espresso makes all the city’s best coffee lists. It’s just straight-up good coffee. You can order the same thing every day, or you can try something different. And don’t forget to try one of the fresh-baked cookies.


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