The 16 Best (and Worst) New York City Inspired Tattoos

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The 16 Best (and Worst) New York City Inspired Tattoos

We all love New York City, or at least at times we love to hate it, but how does your love for your city rank on a scale of zero to tattoo-it-on-my-body? For some NYers it hits the top marks, whether they end up being works of art, or horribly rushed nightmares, here are some NYC-inspired ink to give you some ideas if you’re ever thinking of taking the plunge and getting some ink done.

We’ve split the gallery up into three sections, “the best“, “the worst” and “the so-bad-they’re-good.”

Let’s start this little gallery with some of the awesome creations people have places indelibly on their skin.


This tattoo is beautiful. A water color inspired forearm piece. Bonus points for the New York t-shirt. This dude seriously loves his city.
A sailor style depiction of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge with some really clean line work.

You’ve seen the building – now get the tattoo! What an impressive use of perspective and a fitting tribute to the Chrysler Building, one of the world’s architectural marvels.
This fix of a poorly done skyline has saved this NYer from some embarrassment. From shaky lines to a colorful expressionistic depiction of the greatest damned city on earth.

Wow. This one looks like it was ripped straight out of the pages of a comic book…
This wrap around cityscape includes the Coney Island parachute drop, the Statue of Liberty, a subway car and much more. Amazing work

A more poignant one here, lady liberty hiding her face. Beautifully inked.
The D train and Brooklyn Bridge beautifully rendered in a quasi-graffiti style by Adam Suerte

A nice take on the Statue of Liberty that works quite well, pop art meets tattoo in a colorful tribute to lady liberty.
This tattoo is simplicity at it’s best.


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Pretty sweet, huh? Did you even look at them? Or did you just scroll down to the bottom to see the abominations? It’s cool if you did; you’re only human. Well, without further ado…


Pizza is pretty awesome. We’re not arguing that fact. NYC is ink-worthy as well. But this…?
Jeeeeeeeze, I seriously hope this guy didn’t pay for this.
Did this guy just get a poorly drawn tattoo of a selfie? Is that even a thing? A tattoo of a Polaroid? I mean, it’s cute and all but… rerally?
Grumpy Statue of Liberty is grumpy. …or perhaps mildly disgusted. And the eyes are creepy. Fail.
Grumpy Statue of liberty tattoo


OK, sometimes a tattoo is just so bad it’s good, that’s what the next two are. Rather than get into more arguments with the rest of the editorial team, I just created this section. Enjoy

Ok, it’s well done, clean linework and the colors pop …but surely there’s more to New York than bagels. Although we do love us a bagel… yeah, this falls into the so-bad-it’s-good category.
If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times, “I dead pigeon NY.” No? Never heard that huh? Neither have we, that’s why this belongs in this category.

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