The 10 Best Things To Do In NYC This Weekend

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The 10 Best Things To Do In NYC This Weekend


New York has so many things to do each weekend that you might get overwhelmed, give up, and stay in and eat a pint of ice cream while watching Netflix. Good thing we sorted through all the things to do this weekend and came up with a top 10 list for you. You’re guaranteed to have fun at least one of these events:


1. Wes Anderson Art Show, Friday

wes anderson art show

This is for all you cultured, anti-mainstream snobs out there. The world famous exhibition “Bad Dads” pays tribute to Wes Anderson’s films. It’s been going on for 6 years and features at least 70 artists each year. It’s the epitome of weird and wonderful. Best of all, it’s free!


2. The Met VIP Tour, Friday

metropolitan tour

This is for all you cultured but perhaps slightly more mainstream folks. Museum Hack is running a private late night tour of the Metropolitan, where you can learn the untold history of the museum. It’s a pricey ticket, but it includes museum admission and wine or beer at the beginning of the tour. It’s a pretty classy evening.


3. Cirque Fridays

cirque fridays

This is for all you club-going partiers who are looking to get weird. Along with a DJ, there will be costumed dancers, aerialists, electric violinist, drummers and many more surprises at Highline Ballroom on Cirque Fridays. There is a $20 cover, but if you download Fever to buy your ticket, you can skip the line.


4. Ciderfeast, Saturday


This is for all you cider-enthusiasts and foodies—after this event you won’t need to eat for the next three days. There will be over 30 kinds of cider for you to try, and endless grilled meats and veggies to go with them. Not a bad deal for $49.


5. Open Bar at Katra Lounge, Saturday

vodka open bar

This is for all you vodka-lovers. On a regular night out, you might spend $15 on one vodka cocktail. But this Saturday, Fever users can spend $15 to go to an exclusive open vodka bar. There has never been a better time to download our favorite event discovery app.


6. Clipper Castaways, Saturday

burlesque cruise

This is for all your nautical adventurers. You’ve probably been to boat parties before, but you’ve never been to a boat party like this. This is a cruise with an interactive pirate burlesque/cabaret show. Tickets are usually $59, but on Fever you can get them for only $49.


7. Monarch Soiree, Saturday

[Her Campus]
[Her Campus]
This is for all you chic, stylish party-goers who know all the important people. It’s a fabulous red carpet event which will make you feel like a celebrity. The highlight of the evening is a fashion show inspired by 1920s trends and regal design. Everybody who’s anybody will be there.


8. Fort Tilden Tour, Sunday

fort tilden

This is for all you history nerds. The New York Adventure Club is running a special access tour through the abandoned bunkers of Fort Tilden, which was a military post during WWI, WWII and the Cold War. After the tour is over, you’ll enjoy food, drinks, and sun on Rockaway Beach.


9. Quiet Clubbing Generation Party, Sunday

[Quiet Clubbing]
[Quiet Clubbing]
This is for all you people who love the classics, or who like to party with your grandparents. Quiet Clubbing is always fun, but the twist for this party is the music will go all the way back to the 50’s, and include every decade between then and now. You can choose your tunes on your headset while you enjoy the beautiful views from LIC Landing.


10. Imbible Pirate Experience, Sunday

[The Imbible]
[The Imbible]
This is for all you theater-loving pirate enthusiasts. The Imbible is a play all about the history of alcohol. This special show is about pirates and rum, and it’s playing on a pirate ship! You can go on a cruise, get entertained, and sip on rum. What more could you want out of life?

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