Temperatures will hit a Blistering 90 Degrees in NYC this week

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Temperatures will hit a Blistering 90 Degrees in NYC this week
Whenever you think the weather in New York is predictable, it hits you with a blizzard, downpour or a heatwave. This spring has had no shortage of downpours and the odd snowflake …well, get ready for the blistering sun.This week is gonna be one of those where you escape the smell of hot garbage on the street to the subway …where is smells like feet and yesterday’s cabbage. It’s time to grab that sunscreen and head to your closest park to catch some rays.We’re skipping spring and heading straight to summer this week, starting today and peaking on Thursday the weather is slowly going to be turning up the heat on the city. By Thursday afternoon we can expect temperatures to hit the 90s, as you can see perfectly illustrated in this tweet by NWS New York NY:

So now you’re planning your amazing sun-soaked weekend, right? Wait right there. You don’t think NYC weather operates without a healthy dose of irony, do you? Well, temperatures will drop significantly on Saturday and is expected to stay below 72. Sunday will see the temperatures drop further. Granted, that’s not too cold, but it may be more rooftop bar weather, rather than lounging on the sand.

Make the most of it secretNYCers!

Featured image source [Flickr | Ed Yourdon]

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