The Taste Of Tribeca Is Bringing Michelin Star Chefs To The Streets Of Manhattan

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Returning for its 23rd year, the taste of Tribeca is returning to the city with a vengeance, bring with it some of the city’s top chefs for one of NYC’s most anticipate street festivals.

When it comes to outdoor food festivals, NYC is no slouch. One of the finest and most celebrated in the city is the infamous Taste of Tribeca. This highly anticipated event is returning for its 23rd year, bring with it Michelin star recipients like Jungsik, Bouley, and Brushstroke and noteworthy newcomers like Yves, Bâtard and Schnippers. You can find a full list of participating restaurants HERE.

A general “Tasting Card” for the festival will cost $45 Early Bird Specials and $55 ($160 for a pack of four tickets) for the full day of the event. The card entitles you to six tastes from and dish offered by the participating restaurants and three drinks. Taste doesn’t mean a fork-full by the way, it consists of a fairly large portion of the dish in question. The drinks include beer and cider from the “Beer and Cider Tour of Tribeca,” now in its third year. Find more info on pricing HERE.

Proceeds from this year’s festival go towards PS 150 Tribeca Learning Center and PS 234 Independence School, so while you fill your belly you will be doing some good in the community …double whammy.

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