The Best way to try Premium Craft Spirits is on This Luxury Yacht

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The Best way to try Premium Craft Spirits is on This Luxury Yacht

We have the low-down on an exclusive NYC moonlit Moonshine cruise featuring 25 complimentary tastings from 12 new craft distilleries. Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you imagine yourself floating on a luxury yacht watching the moonlight bounce off of the water, sipping an aged whiskey as you’re serenaded by soothing live music? Don’t lie, you can’t! None of us can. Those kinds of experiences are reserved for the kind of people with their names on buildings. …until now.

Not all cruises were created equal. Hornblower Cruises’ new moonlit moonshine-booze cruise is just a cut above the rest. Get the best of NYC’s premium craft spirits with a luxury cruise, married together in prohibition era themed experience that is unparalleled in the city.

The Moonshine Cruise features 25 complimentary tastings from 12 different distilleries comprised of craft spirits featuring NY-Made full-bodied bourbons, crisp vodkas, and aged whiskeys.

The tastings are just the tip of the iceberg, you’ll be joining a 1920s prohibition speakeasy on the high seas! Guests are encouraged to wear prohibition era attire, immersing you in carefree atmosphere of the roaring 20’s.

You’ll dance the evening away to period-correct jazz, brought to you by the founding singer of Post Modern Jukebox, Robyn Adele Anderson. VIP ticket holders will dine on a fabulous gourmet buffet as you wash it down with the premium liquor on offer.

All this is available starting at unbelievable price of $39 HERE.

This party cruise is about to leave the dock, and it only comes once in a blue moon… Don’t get left at the pier!


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