Target’s New East Village Outpost Is Causing A Controversy

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Target’s New East Village Outpost Is Causing A Controversy
Target’s newest “small format” store opened this weekend and it’s causing a stir in the community.

Gentrification is an inevitable part of city life, but it sure seems to be hitting hard with the opening of the newest Target store in the East Village this past week. What once was considered a gritty and even dangerous part of the city has been cleaned up immensely over the past thirty years. However with an exceeding number of luxury developments taking over the city, local mom and pops are going out of business every day due to the sky rocketing rents. Chain restaurants and stores in addition to each “immersive experience” that takes place in the community serves to strip a little piece of the soul of New York every day.

And locals are starting to get upset by it. Call it progress or call it the dulling of the senses but with each attempt by big businesses to recreate what once was and replace it with a poorly thought out replica just makes New Yorkers angry. Why open old wounds? And why not come up with an idea that makes New Yorkers appreciate that the best city in the world is moving forward and is becoming a safer place every day?

People took to twitter at the opening to express their distaste for the new facade:

What’s your opinion? Especially when you think of what this store front used to look like:


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