Taco Bell Will Open Two Cantinas in Manhattan This Year

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Taco Bell Will Open Two Cantinas in Manhattan This Year
Before the end of the year, Taco Bell plans to open two Cantinas in Manhattan.

Currently Manhattan has two urban in-line locations, at 1258 Lexington Ave and 312 First Ave, with another in Bushwick at 1359 Broadway and three Cantinas at 1034 Flatbush Ave, Yankee Stadium, and 491 Nostrand Ave.

However, two leases have been signed for Manhattan to finally have Cantinas. They will be located at 840 Eighth Ave and 224 Seventh Ave. The additions to New York City come as part of Taco Bell’s “plan to open 1,000 new domestic restaurants by 2022 – 300 of which will be Urban In-Line or Cantina concepts, and 125 of which will be in New York City and the surrounding boroughs.”

The new concept is getting rid of the traditional drive-thru and turning the franchise into more of a restaurant than a fast-food option. The Cantina locations feature alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, sangria, and their alcoholic Freezes. The menu at all new locations plan to have a tapas-style element as well.

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We love Taco Bell as it is, but we can’t lie, it’ll be nice to order a drink with those tacos and nacho fries!

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