Survey Of New Yorkers Shows Almost Half Of Residents Can’t Afford To Live In NYC

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Survey Of New Yorkers Shows Almost Half Of Residents Can’t Afford To Live In NYC
It’s no secret that living in NYC is insanely expensive, and rent only continues to climb with each year.

What other city in the states is it this common to have multiple roommates for so many years after college ends? How many times a week does the cost of living here seem to come up (directly or in passing)? Earlier this week a poll was released by Quinnipiac University that shows just how tight on budgets people in New York state are—particularly within the city limits!

While the survey breaks down many aspects of life in New York, we couldn’t help but notice that only of half of NYC voters feel they can afford to live here in comparison to upstate voters where 67% feel they can afford to live there. The poll was taken of 1,216 registered state voters and of the many living within NYC, 45% of them don’t feel they can afford to live in NYC. Of that 45%, 41% of them feel they “will be forced to move in the next five years for better economic opportunity.” Beyond the city, 35% of all New Yorkers in the survey expect to move for a better life.

People leaving New York in droves, however, should come at no surprise. Back in 2015 the New York population was at a total of 19.5 million, but dropped to 19.3 million by 2016. (186,000 people in one year!) A similar number was released for 2017 to 2018 by the US Census Bureau, dropping from 19,849,399 in 2017 to 19,542,209 by 2018.

The city is a bit different in that more high rises continue to be built, bringing more and more people to the NYC area. While the state as a whole is seeing a population decline the city itself keeps growing. But at what point will that plateau? The US Census Bureau also reported that even with the population growth in the five boroughs, there was still nearly 131 people leaving the area on a daily basis in 2017, and in 2014 that number was only about 43.

For the full survey breakdown by Quinnipiac University, check it out here.

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