Enter Another World With The Dreamy Art Installation ‘SuperReal’ At Cipriani In FiDi

Step inside, experience SuperReal -- back this summer for a limited run!

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Enter Another World With The Dreamy Art Installation ‘SuperReal’ At Cipriani In FiDi

The luminous, dream-like art installation “SuperReal” is back at the hundred-year-old Cipriani location in FiDi!

NYC’s iconic Italian restaurant Cipriani and multimedia studio Moment Factory (known for their unmatched video mapping technology) have united once again to bring New Yorkers this mesmerizing experience that projects vibrant video content throughout architectural details of the historic building.

Visitors will be totally immersed in completely different worlds, from an underwater escape to a winter wonderland dripping in icicles. But this isn’t just lights and images projected on some walls…


Since the former Cunard Building where Cipriani is based dates back to 1921, creators had to do a full 3D scan down to every last centimeter of the interior. Then, they wired over 10 miles of fiber throughout the space so that video data would “sync up” with every nook, cranny and unique curve and angle of the building. This ends up “drastically changing the make-up of the space entirely,” instead of being a mere visual display.

There are also musical components, interactive elements like luminescent globes you can play with, and even dancers.

Moment Factory

The Great Hall has been separated into five specific visual experiences—each creating “a different dimension with a distinct narrative.”

The interactive exhibit will be open throughout the summer, and each experience lasts for 45 minutes.

To understand more, the photos really speak for themselves…


One of the five themes is even fashioned after a snow globe with metallic flooring and is filled with balloons, snowflakes and other wintery props, if you’re looking for a cool-down from this heat!


Get your tickets to this transcendent escape here.

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