Superman was standing right in the middle of Times Square and you didn’t even notice

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

Henry Cavill Times Square

How self-involved are you? Well, about as much as every other New Yorker who walked past a bona fide superhero (or at least the actor who plays him in the upcoming movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice), standing in plain view of one of the busiest intersections on the planet. It’s not like there are any giant billboards with his face all over them in every direction you might look to give you a clue.

British star Henry Cavill pulled the stunt as a snub to comic book detractors who argue that donning a pair of thick glasses is a ridiculous way for Superman to protect his secret identity, Clark Kent. To add insult to injury, Cavill even wore the famous “S” t-shirt, just in case he wasn’t easy enough to spot.

He wrote: “Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough. Regards, Superman #WhoWillWin #Superman

So if you missed Superman standing outside Gap or wandering around Starbucks, your next opportunity to see him will be on the big screen when the film is released on March 25.

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