Subway Stations Will Now Be Cleaned Twice A Day, MTA Announces

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Subway Stations Will Now Be Cleaned Twice A Day, MTA Announces

The MTA has been stepping up their game to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on mass transit, and now will be disinfecting the subway twice a day.

First they were disinfecting turnstiles, MetroCard, ticket vending machines, and handrails daily. But now they will be cleaning them twice every single day.

In addition, they are continuing to disinfect all trains, subways and buses daily with the full fleet completed every 72 hours or less. Metro-North’s New Rochelle station has been undergoing a weekly deep cleaning, and a dedicated cleaning crew is now stationed there daily.

They are continuing to use “EPA-approved and CDC-endorsed disinfectants.”

“Good hygiene remains the best defense against COVID-19,” MTA Chief Safety Officer Patrick Warren said. “The MTA has continued its disinfecting efforts, making sure those common touch points at stations, trains and buses are disinfected. We also ask our customers to redouble their hygiene efforts, stay home if you are sick, and follow the messaging we have up at our stations.”

According to a press release, since March 2 there have been 16,225 subway cars disinfected, as well as 293 Staten Island Railway cars, 16,049 NYC Transit and MTA buses, 11,045 Paratransit vehicles, 4,756 Long Island Rail Road train cars, and 3,635 Metro-North Railroad train cars.

If you’re curious of exactly how they’re cleaning the subway, railings and turnstiles, check out this video they published:

You can find out more information on their suggested precautions here.

featured image source: Courtesy MTA

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