This Video Of NYC Subway Riders Singing Along To ‘I Want It That Way’ Is Too Cute


This Video Of NYC Subway Riders Singing Along To ‘I Want It That Way’ Is Too Cute
If there’s one thing that New Yorker’s can all agree on, it’s definitely the fact that the subway system tends to be a disappointment on the daily.

Even with recent news circulating about OMNY and the Fair Fares Program, sometimes all it takes is the little things to truly brighten up even the most dim-lit subway cars. We’ve seen all kinds of stuff happen on our commutes, but with most of it usually being negative (remember the bat??), it can be hard to remember the occasional good times that are thrown into the mix.

As you read in the title, you can probably guess that we’re referring to a video uploaded by Twitter user @Wertwhile, which shows riders belt out in tune to an absolute classic. According to his caption, he was on his way home when a shirtless man carrying a speaker entered the same car he was in. If past experience has taught us anything, it’s that situations like these usually end up being quite annoying, however when Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way started blasting from the speaker, naturally, people couldn’t help but sing along.

Get ready for the most endearing thing you’ve seen all day:


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