This Subway Musician Plays So The Homeless Can Take The Tip Money From His Guitar Case

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This Subway Musician Plays So The Homeless Can Take The Tip Money From His Guitar Case

As much as NYC can show its rough and tough moments, it also holds some of the most heartwarming stories of human connection.

One of these recently came from singer/songwriter Will Boyajian, who started playing in the subway and leaving his guitar case open for tips. Instead of bringing the cash home, however, he added a sign that read, “If you’re homeless or need help, take as much from the case as you need (I just like to play).”

In a video for Optimist Films, Will says he had been working odd jobs and was in a very negative and cynical mindset. One day he just decided to do something positive, so he made the sign, went down into the subway, and started playing. When he first started, most people told him that people were just going to take all of the money. But he said that hasn’t happened once.

He even said the people in need that do take it will only ask for a few dollars, and when he tells them they are welcome to all of it, they tell him “I want to make sure there’s some for someone else.”

In the video Will even leaves for 15 minutes and the camera men note that with over $100 in the case, no one took it.

He said the biggest perspective that changed for him is who he thought was homeless. “That was really scary to me when that started, because these are people who are working a job and they’re also homeless.”

He even started a NYC charity called Hopeful Cases that sends performers into the subways and streets to “play for those who have, and give to those who have not.” You can follow him on Instagram at @hopefulcasesmusic.

See the full video here:

featured image source: Optimist Films

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