Subway mugger steals Phone from 13-year-old. What Happens Next Is Pure NYC Justice…

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NY Subway entrance

In New York City, we don’t take no crap off nobody. So if you think you can mug a 13-year-old kid and get away with it without a subway train ploughing into your face – you’re sadly mistaken, my friend.

Early on Tuesday morning, a mugger tried to snatch an iPhone from a 13-year-old on the Manhattan-bound M train. Two heroic New Yorkers tried to stop him…

Batman approves
…but the 33-year-old thief punched one of them in the face and fled at the Northern Boulevard station in Woodside.

As cops arrived, the suspect ran along the tracks and into the tunnel. But instead of a quick getaway, he got a face-full of F train.

Cops had to shut down the trains and look for him in the darkness.

One witness told NY Daily News: “The police were walking up and down outside the train screaming, ‘Say something or die!’ But the thief was staying quiet. He didn’t want to get caught.”

Once found, the crook was taken to be treated for cuts and bruises at Elmhurst Hospital before being taken into custody.

NY subway mugging suspect
[NY Daily News]
The incident also caused serious delays on the E,F, M & R trains. Some passengers were trapped on trains for over an hour.


Featured cover image: Fox 6 Now


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