Japan’s Studio Ghibli Museum Is Now Open For Virtual Visitors

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Japan’s Studio Ghibli Museum Is Now Open For Virtual Visitors

There’s a new wonderful world of Ghibli opening up in front of your eyes.

It’s time to take a wander around the Studio Ghibli museum. Virtually, of course.

And, don’t worry. There’s no danger of getting lost in a world of No-Faces as Sen did in Spirited Away. Nope, no parents getting turned into pigs here. You’ll be quite safe from that in front of your computer screen.

The world-famous museum has opened up a YouTube channel for Studio Ghibli fanatics to take virtual tours of the magical world. Beats changing your Zoom background to put yourself in the films—these let you explore a little further.

On a normal day, you’ll face stiff competition and lines for tickets to see the museum. But these videos enable anyone to get a peek. From the colorful artwork to the bright buildings, to a gorgeous nighttime view.

You won’t get a ride on Howl’s Castle, but it’s still a great way to get a view of a world-renowned spot from across the globe. Who knows? Once travel limitations are restricted maybe this will be all the convincing you need to make the trip and experience the real thing.

View the world of Studio Ghibli via their YouTube Channel here. And remember, you can also watch all your favorite Studio Ghibli films on Netflix!

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