18 Struggles Of Living Gluten-Free In New York City

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

18 Struggles Of Living Gluten-Free In New York City

The gluten-free life is always a catch-22. You feel so much better without gluten, but cutting it completely out of your diet can be such a struggle. Here are the problems you run into when you’re living gluten-free in NYC:


1. You can’t enjoy bagels, which are an NYC staple

2. And the gluten-free bagels just don’t measure up

spitting food

3. You can’t just stop by any pizza place and pick up dinner for $4 like everyone else can

4. Forget about those warm soft pretzels that smell so good

5. And what are you supposed to do, eat a hotdog with no bun?

[Tony Fischer]
[Tony Fischer]
6. Chipotle doesn’t serve corn tortillas

7. Little Italy is a death trap

8. There are so many restaurants in this city you can’t eat at

9. But your friends get tired of always letting you pick the place


10. So you cave and wind up at a place where the only thing you can order is a salad

11. Or a burger with no bun

spongebob salad

12. If you go to a bar that only serves beer, you can’t drink anything

13. And then you’re pissed that you’re sober when everyone else is getting tipsy

14. And you’re struggling to catch up for the rest of the night


15. Your hipster friends start pressuring you to go vegan too

16. But if you’re vegan and gluten-free, what are you going to eat?

eating burrito crying

17. Well, maybe you can just live on rice and vegetables for the rest of your life

18. You might want to think about moving to Chinatown

[Sarah Ross]
[Sarah Ross]

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