19 Struggles Of Being A Dog-Lover In New York City

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

19 Struggles Of Being A Dog-Lover In New York City

New York City is full of dog-lovers. But being a dog-lover in this city comes with challenges. Here are the struggles of a New Yorker who loves dogs:


1. Your landlord charges extra to have a dog in your apartment

2. So you have to pay $500 a month for companionship

3. Or pine over the friend you’ll never have (until your lease ends)

boo crying

4. If you don’t have a dog, you get sad every time you go to the park

5. You get jealous of all the happy humans with their dogs

6. You’re jealous of the dog-walkers who get to play with dogs for a living

[Ben Chapman]
[Ben Chapman]
7. You keep on making plans to get a dog and then you realize you can’t pay your bills

8. Or you look at your dead window plants and wonder how you could take care of an animal

[Teka England/Flickr]
[Teka England/Flickr]
9. Maybe your apartment building doesn’t even allow dogs

10. But you get one anyway, and panic every time the super knocks on your door


11. If you have a dog, you can’t stand to leave your dog alone while you go to work

12. Actually you can’t stand to leave her alone ever

NYC Dog In Bag Fail
13. You try to pretend she’s a service dog so you can take her out to dinner with you

14. You wish you had a backyard where she could run around whenever she wanted

15. You probably want another dog

16. You wish you could save all of the shelter dogs in the city

dog cover
[Gunnar Sigurður Zoega Guðmundsson/Flickr]
17. But two dogs in your tiny apartment would be a bit much

18. You consider moving to the countryside so you can adopt more dogs

19. But you don’t, because your dog loves NYC just as much as you do


Cover photo credit: Tina Leggio/Flickr

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