Struggle to commit to the gym? Perhaps some iron bars will convince you to stay

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So how’s that New Year’s resolution to start going to the gym more often working out for you? Well, if you have as much trouble with your motivation to work out as we do, you might find ConBody to be the perfect solution. And did we mention it’s run by a former drug baron?

Coss Marte – who at one time was the head of a $2 million narcotics empire – developed a system for getting into shape while serving a seven year prison sentence in a 9’ x 6′ cell. When he was released, he decided to bring his own brand of bootcamp workout plan to the masses of New York City.

This #TransformationTuesday goes out to our very own founder and CEO Coss Marte who used the same methods we use in…

Posted by Conbody on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Apart from offering an intense workout, Marte’s business is geared towards getting ex-cons such as himself into work. Many of his trainers also have a criminal record but turned their lives around. Now they want to turn yours around too.

Exercises are based on the concept of small spaces (which is understandable considering Marte came up with the regime inside his prison cell) and require no equipment, making it perfect for NYC dwellers living in cramped conditions. You also have the pleasure of doing said gruelling workout surrounded by iron bars and barbed wire fences for the full prison effect.


Prices start at $25 for a single session up to $150 for a monthly unlimited pass.

Oh look, we got all the way to the end of the article without once making a joke about avoiding the showers. Good for us.


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