Stop Everything! An All-Nutella Cafe is Finally Opening in NYC

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Everyone’s favorite hazelnut chocolate spread, Nutella, is officially opening a 2,200-square-foot location right here in NYC.

If you’re anything like us, your tub of Nutella has the shelf life of a fruit fly. No sooner is it bought it becomes that frustrating game of scraping the sides of the tub to get the last precious dollops of chocolatey-hazelnut goodness.

After some speculation and rumors of this cafe opening, Ferrero has officially confirmed that a Nutella Cafe is coming. They have set their sights on a 2,200-square-foot cafe and coffee bar near Union Square, on 13th Street and University Place. The location is planned to open before the end of the year.

The decision for an NYC location comes after the success of pop-ups, their Nutella Bar in Eataly, and the popularity of theworld’s very first Nutella Cafe, which opened in Chicago May of 2017. The cafe will a Nutella-inspired menu as well as a specialty espresso beverages. We assume much like that of the Chicago location, which serves items like pastries and delicious crêpes, along with salads and paninis for a broader reach.

It won’t be the cities only foray into single-concept restaurants/cafes; you all probably know the Kelloggs cafethe Cheetos restaurant, and the avocado restuarants popping up everywhere. However, based on the success of these restaurants and cafes, as well as the continuous success of NYC’s Nutella Bar, we can only imagine the long lines it’ll open up to.

Here are the renderings of the entrance, outdoor seating area, and fun indoor space the cafe will feature:


Featured image source: Yelp / Hester M.