Sting Pays Homage to American Artist With Immersive Performance at the MET

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Sting will perform at The Metropolitan Museum of Art this spring in honor of American landscape artist and founder of the Hudson River School, Thomas Cole.

The Met’s display of the artist’s work through the exhibition “Thomas Cole’s Journey: Atlantic Crossings” will begin on January 30. As part of the exhibit’s programming, Sting will “perform three all-acoustic concerts at The Met Fifth Avenue.”

The MetLiveArts exclusive performances will feature a mix of storytelling and music “against a visual scenescape created by artist Stephen Hannock.” This unique performance will take place on April 24 for members only, and then on April 25 and 26 it will be open to the public.

Ranging between $125 to $175, each ticket will grant you private access to the exhibition, as well as a drink prior to the performance.

The exhibition itself is set to run until May 13.

Featured image source: By Yancho Sabev (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons