Stella Artois Is Hosting An Interactive Installation In Grand Central

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Stella Artois Is Hosting An Interactive Installation In Grand Central
Stella Artois and Water.org are hosting a public kinetic art installation for New Yorkers to experience. It’s only going on this weekend so be sure not to miss it!

“Water Ripples” is a joint project between Stella Artois and Water.org taking place at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central. The goal of the installation is to

“symbolize the ripple effect their partnership has had in helping to end the global water crisis by helping to provide people with access to clean water.”

photo: grandcentralterminal.com
photo: grandcentralterminal.com

Inspired by water, the kinetic art installation is activated by the partnership between Water.org and Stella Artois. With a purchase of their Limited-Edition Chalice, Stella Artois helps Water.org provide five years of clean water for one person in the developing world.

Visitors who purchase a Limited-Edition Chalice on-site will be invited to interact with the water-inspired art installation. Once touched, the center column will initiate a ripple movement through the installation prompting the droplets to move in perfect unison. The movement of the water “mimics the participant’s contribution to the cause.”

Participants will also have their experience captured on video, resulting in totally Instagramable content. Tag us in your pics of the event using the hashtag #mysecretnyc !

Learn more about the event here.


Featured image: medium.com