How to stay cool without running your A.C. 24-7

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

How to stay cool without running your A.C. 24-7

Welcome to August, the hottest month in NYC. The garbage is smellier, the sweat is drippier, and basically, everything feels like a sauna. But keep that A.C. running night and day is going to create an electric bill fit enough to give an aneurysm. So here are some ways to stay cool without paying your life savings:

● Use NYC’s Public Pools:


Wait, we have those?! You better believe it. From Astoria to Harlem to the Upper East Side, there are public pools open all summer. Bring your swimsuits and go for a dip! Just be sure to abide by the NYC Park rules. No running!

● Two Words; Food Courts:


There are so many neat markets and food courts in the city to pop into to get out of the sweltering heat. Chelsea Market, The Plaza Food Hall, and Gotham West Market are just a few of the awesome marketplaces you can eat at or explore.

● Go to the Movies:


It’s a no brainer but a great way to chill out for 2 hours. Plus, with most of the movie theaters in the city upgrading to comfy recliner seats and reserved seating, it’s become a truly relaxing experience. Spiderman: Homecoming, anyone?

● Explore a Museum or Two:


Museums are an easy way to spend hours without having to even so much as look at the outdoors. The MET and the Museum of Natural History are two great options for getting lost in the cooling world of AC.

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