Bagelgate 2019: What You Need To Know About The Recent Sliced Bagel Fiasco


Bagelgate 2019: What You Need To Know About The Recent Sliced Bagel Fiasco
For the past couple of hours there’s been an inadverdent internet debate sparked by an innocent Twitter post about some dude who claimed people slice bagels in St. Louis. YES you heard right, slicing bagels can be done, but people are not taking it too well.

When Alek Krautmann woke up this morning and decided it would be a nice idea to bring in some morning breakfast for his colleagues, he never could’ve predicted the series of events that would unfold throughout the day. His tweet which can be found below, shows a picture of two boxes of bagels sliced up like a regular loaf of bread with a caption about how its a St. Louis secret. According to him, this controversial method was actually quite the hit at work.

Although that might be the case, other people on Twitter did not react well to the concept of slicing up a bagel… especially New Yorkers. 

Several others chimed in with their opinions on the sliced topic and it seems the general public  consensus is outrage and disgust…
There’s definitely lots of slander towards anyone for even considering the sliced bagel option as a better alternative…
Naturally Panera Bread (the bakery that Alek got the famous bagels from) decided it was time to ask the public for their thoughts!

And in a surprise twist, pro bagel slicers reveal themselves and demand their voices to be heard! 

Panera sums up their poll with a statement that hopefully everyone can agree on, which is that a bagel is a bagel and its delicious… duh.And last but not least, there’s always the good ol’ fashioned haters out there who want everyone to know that they’re just too cool to care about any ridiculous topics such as the cutting of a bagel. They’re over the word bagel popping up on their timeline… ok?! 

In other shocking news, this bagel debate has gotten so heated that St. Louis is currently trending worldwide on Twitter.

People are hopping on the bandwagon and meme-ifying the city by tweeting pictures of weird food combos and captioning it as being done “St. Louis style”. Although some might argue that a whole lotta hullabaloo has come out of a virtually insignificant little tweet, others might argue that its honestly snowballed into some hilarious online banter. Thoughts?!

If you need a good laugh, head over to Twitter and take a look for yourself… the scrolling is infinite!

featured image: twitter.com/AlekKrautmann

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