A Happy Hour Disco Workout Is Coming To This Pop Up Yoga Studio In Brooklyn

Yoga & drinks?!


A Happy Hour Disco Workout Is Coming To This Pop Up Yoga Studio In Brooklyn
If you’re a yogi looking to expand the types of yoga sessions you’ve tried, you’ll absolutely love the upcoming one tomorrow night at Bogart House.

Sputnik yoga is a studio with a mission to elevate the workout you experience through movement, sights and sounds. Do you think you have what it takes to be a sputnik? With pop up yoga events around LA and NYC, they also offer fitness classes, nutritional consulting and more.

One of the most popular pop up events that they offer in NYC is the disco yoga that they hold every Thursday close to the end of the month. Get ready for a super fun workout session to all the best disco tunes and vibes, followed by the best part of the event when the class breaks into a ~ wellness ~ happy hour. The yoga is open level Vinyasa with a focus on abs, all the while set to the rhythm of some sick beats.

Bogart House boasts some gorge views of the city, so why not get your sweat on, indulge in a celebratory drink and dance to the live tunes from a DJ… it’s the perfect way to build up to a Friday! Book your spot here, 21+ age limit for anyone who wants to join happy hour time (if you solely want to come for the party, then make sure your at the door at 7:45pm, entry is 10$).

Times: Yoga (7pm-8pm), Happy Hour (8pm-10pm).

Date: March 21st
Address: 230 Bogart Street
featured image: instagram.com/sputnikyoga/
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