Spider-Man Is Taking Over New York City’s Subways

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Spider-Man Is Taking Over New York City’s Subways
Publicity on train cars. It’s always been there but it’s now considered an Instagram novelty. Check out the newest Marvel inspired train running on the Times Square Shuttle.

In anticipation of the newest PS4 Marvel game release, Sony Interactive Entertainment has kicked off promotion with a huge publicity train car on New York’s subway. The spidey themed car can be seen on the Times Square/ Grand Central shuttle.

The train features Spider-Man himself, copies of the Daily Bugle, and themed advertisements for “Oscorp Industries.” The seats are marked with the white spider emblem featured in the game.

Video game fans, the game is set to be released exclusively for PS4 on September 7th but it’s unclear as to how long the train car will be up.

Featured image: dualshockers.com

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