Spider-Man Joined Protesters On Manhattan Bridge Tuesday Night In Support Of BLM

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Spider-Man Joined Protesters On Manhattan Bridge Tuesday Night In Support Of BLM

Last night, thousands of peaceful protestors were trapped on the Manhattan Bridge — including one NYC superhero.

According to social media posts and videos, protestors were making their way from Brooklyn into Manhattan across the bridge when the city’s new 8pm curfew hit. The NYPD wouldn’t let them enter Manhattan, and then proceeded to barricade them in from the Brooklyn side as well so they couldn’t leave. “NYPD told us they would let us through ‘in 10 min’ – that was 40 min ago,” a Twitter user who was there said. “They now brought in multiple vans to barricade us in from both sides. They are all wearing riot gear. We have been nothing but peaceful.”

The Mayor’s Communications Director later Tweeted there was “police presence on both sides of the bridge, but only the Manhattan side was ever blocked off. After attempting to cross into Manhattan but halted by police on that side, the group ultimately dispersed back over to Brooklyn where they are now.” Still, many social media posts said otherwise. After an hours-long “stand-off,” the protestors were allowed to cross back through to Brooklyn.

As all of this was happening, protesters noticed a famous Marvel character climbing the side of the bridge — and some caught the moment on video.


The person who dressed up, known as “CosPlayNay,” said on Instagram: “This moment was captured last night as we were stuck on the Manhattan bridge for hours. (My sign read #BlackLivesMatter) As we protested to the police to ‘Let us through’ after the 8pm ‘curfew.’ It was a long night but I’m happy everything ended peacefully with our group. Stay Amazing Everyone, BETTER DAYS ARE COMING!”

According to their account, they have been participating in peaceful protests in the city all week.

Now, here are some concrete ways you can help support the cause.

featured image source: Video still @anyavolz

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