NYC’s First-Ever Sour Patch Kids Store Is Now Open

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NYC’s First-Ever Sour Patch Kids Store Is Now Open

For those who want to indulge their inner sweet (and sour) tooth…

NYC now has its first-ever South Patch Kids store as of opening August 6! It celebrates the brand’s 35th anniversary and is located at 665 Broadway in NoHo.

And what can you expect? Lots and lots of sugar.

There will be a South Patch Kids Sweets Bar showcasing some pretty outrageous desserts (currently only available to-go), including:

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The “Rainbows, Cakes & Shakes, Oh My!” which features a Sour Patch Kids milkshake topped with a slice of rainbow cake, Sour Patch Kids “Bitz,” and whipped cream.

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And the “Pour Some Sugar On Us,” a chocolate-dipped waffle cone with Sour Patch Kids ice cream, topped with more Sour Patch Kids, sour cotton candy and a marshmallow kid.

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Here’s what the full menu will look like:

Courtesy Photo Sour Patch Kids

There will also be a create-your-own candy mix station, limited-edition merch, and plenty of photo ops.

Of course, there will also be many safety precautions in place, which you can read more about here.

The store is open everyday from 12pm – 8pm!

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