Experience Japan’s Famous Soufflé Pancakes At Flipper’s Café In SoHo

It's their first location in the states!

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Experience Japan’s Famous Soufflé Pancakes At Flipper’s Café In SoHo

Japanese soufflé pancakes are on the rise in NYC and as we continue to fully support this fluffy movement, we were excited when yet another shop opened up last year serving these sweet heavenly clouds of dough in the Big Apple—Flipper’s!

Japan’s most popular pancake chain, Flipper’s, opened their very first U.S. location right here in NYC’s SoHo area last fall. Known for their unique soufflé pancakes that are made without the use of a mold, these airy creations have been dubbed “miracle pancakes” for their moist texture and soft edges that are created by the constant flipping of these airy cakes on a pan.


The chain opened its doors at 337 West Broadway in September 2019, with a two-story, 2,500-square-foot café space. The first floor served as a grab-and-go spot while the second floor allows guests to sit and enjoy. Though they closed like most NYC restaurants for a bit due to the pandemic, they are back open with indoor & outdoor dining, and to-go orders!

This Flipper’s location is also the first to integrate local flair with their original concept in everything from their design to the menu offerings, to bring customers a truly unique Flipper’s experience. All of the dishes are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, like their famous fluffy Miracle Pancakes which can be served with the café’s freshly made creams (which come in maple, strawberry, and matcha flavors).

Some of their other dishes will include staple brunch items like eggs Benedict, strawberry banana pancakes, and chicken and waffles (with a Japanese twist). There will also be a number of vegan options available as well as coffee, milk tea, and housemade special lemonade.


This exciting opening came only three years after the first Flipper’s opened in Tokyo, which quickly developed a cult following. While is the the chain’s first U.S. outpost, they’ve already opened 12 branches in Japan in addition to shops in Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan.

Yes, these are Eggs Benedicts on fluffy pancakes! Photo credit: Instagram /@flippersus

Flipper’s is now open from 10am-4pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am-6pm, Friday to Sunday.

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Note: the souffle pancakes are not available for takeout at the moment (though other delicious brunch options are), so you’ll have to dine-in to experience this fluffy magic!

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featured image source: Flipper’s

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