We could soon see a Hip Hop Hall of Fame in Harlem

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We could soon see a Hip Hop Hall of Fame in Harlem

 Good news for the Hip Hop fans of NYC. A recent press release states that the group behind the HHHoF have won a bid to acquire a “major Harlem building and development site”

Whereas Cleveland has long been home to the Rock Hall of Fame, The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is finally becoming a reality and looks likely that it will be on our doorstep, in Harlem.

The nonprofit in charge of the project won a bid to acquire a development site along 125th Street. A press release outlines the nonprofit as a:

Museum and Educational Institution whose mission is to Preserve, Archive, Exhibit, Educate, and Showcase Hip Hop Music & Culture from around the world. To also conduct Research and Studies documenting hip-hop’s historical influence on American Pop Culture and its Socio-Economic Impact on Societies and Trends around the world.

They envision the structure, when complete, would be approximately 20 stories high and include The Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Museum with a Hotel Entertainment Complex design. The whole building would house the Hall of Fame, Museum, 5 Star Hotel, Retail Mall & Gift Shop, Arcade, TV Studios, Sports Bar, Restaurant and Concert Lounge.

To make any of this a reality, the project needs to raise $150,000,000 in a capital fundraising campaign to be launched shortly.  The money would complete the purchase of the Harlem site. If the project manages to successfully raise the ambitious sum, the team will debut the museum debut in phases, the first of which would be in February 2018.

Look out Cleaveland, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame …Harlem is coming.

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