SoHo is Now Home to Du’s Donuts Fall Pop-Up

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SoHo is Now Home to Du’s Donuts Fall Pop-Up

Du’s Donuts is making their mark on Manhattan in a big way. Not only are they currently featured at the Seaport Food Lab, but now they also have a temporary fall home in SoHo!

Chef and owner Wylie Dufresne is bringing his Williamsburg shop to Chef’s Counter Club as a pop-up for the season. Along with the eight to ten doughnut flavors that will be in their rotation, Du’s Donuts will also serve hot/cold brew from Brooklyn Roasting Company.

The unique cake doughnuts whipped up by Du’s are not only incredibly photogenic, but absolutely delicious as well.

A few of the doughnuts you’re likely to find at the Chef’s Counter Club pop-up include caramel apple, mexican hot chocolate, espresso cardamom, and peanut butter with yuzu.

They’ll also serve Double Berry Ice Cream Sandwiches…

…and a fabulous scrambled egg sandwich!

So cheesy!

The pop-up is currently up and running. They open at 8am from Monday through Friday and at 9am on the weekends, closing each day whenever they run out of doughnuts!

Featured image source: Facebook / Du’s Donuts and Coffee

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