Snow Days Are Officially Canceled For New Yorkers This Year

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Snow Days Are Officially Canceled For New Yorkers This Year

The kids aren’t gonna like this one!

No longer will there be days dedicated to building snowmen instead of paying attention in geometry class, as the Department of Education (DOE) announced that all New York schools must continue under remote learning when weather conditions occur.

These cherished days sprinkled throughout the winter season stood as a fun-filled time for students  to swap out their backpacks for snow pants and enjoy the winter wonderland. Sadly, with late start dates due to COVID-19 and online options available for conducting class, the DOE is determined to meet their “180-day instruction requirement” reports ABC7.


In a statement released by the DOE, they said, “as we reopen schools for this critical school year, we are utilizing all of the lessons learned from remote schooling this spring to maximize our students’ instructional time,” which calls for remote learning on both Election Day and snow days.


With this decision to turn snow days into online instruction, the chance that snow days may officially come to an end seems very likely. Schools are finding out all that they can do without in-person classes and may use that to their advantage beyond the times of the pandemic.


Kids, as sad as it may seem, you’ll just have to enjoy your hot cocoa in front of a computer screen this school year.

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